Once logged in you will see the home screen of your School Stream Control Panel.


In the Control Panel, most of the features are available via the left menu. It is organised by main menu items, with each containing a number of sub-menu items. In the following steps, when we refer to 'the main menu', we are referring to this left navigation menu.

There is also an admin bar at the top for quick access to a number of features we will discuss here, and more.


Home is the first screen you see when you log into the School Stream Control Panel.

The main idea of the home page is to give you a place where you can get an at-a-glance overview of what’s happening with your content. You can catch up on School Stream news and quickly add a post.

On the home screen you will see five widgets.

Activity Widget
This widget displays all recently published content for your app.

School Stream News Widget
This widget displays the latest news from School Stream.

Quick Notices Widget
This widget allows you to publish a basic notice in a hurry.

School Stream Saves Widget
This widget will display your accumulated savings by using the School Stream platform based on a 15c per notification or from submission calculation.

School Stream Central Widget
This widget contains a 'getting started' help section as well as some usage/data stats for your app.


You may have noticed a blue bar that appears at the top of your pages when logged in with your admin account. This blue bar is called the Admin Bar and it is an easy-to-access toolbar with shortcuts to a number of School Stream’s customisation features such as the Access Model for your parents, contact details, social media, colour scheme and some general settings. You can also set up a sync to an online calendar and use the embed anything feature which allows you to embed web pages into any page in School Stream.


You can also switch between Control Panels if your school has multiple School Stream accounts for campuses or staff profiles and you have access to these profiles. Just mouse-over the My Sites button in the admin bar and choose the Control Panel for the profile you need.

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