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Embed online content into a notice
Embed online content into a notice

Embed a web page or newsletter service directly into a notice in School Stream

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From your School Stream dashboard, navigate to the App Administration Bar (top menu). Mouse-over the School Stream Button and click Setup

The Embed anything tool allows you to embed secure (HTTPS) web page content into your School Stream notices. Things such as Portal login pages, Web Story Newsletters such as Adobe Spark work great. This content must be HTTPS in order for the content to display. If the content is not HTTPS or does not display correctly you can add a link via the services section

  1. Open the School Stream menu in the top navigation of your Control Panel

  2. Click Advanced

  3. Expand the Embed Anything section

  4. Paste the URL or link provided by Adobe Spark into the field

  5. Copy the text from the grey box

  6. Add a new notice or edit an existing one

  7. Switch from the Visual editor to the Text editor (located to the right of the text formatting buttons)

  8. Paste the text you copied previously into the text section.

  9. Switch the App Display Template to Embedded (this is located in the App Options box under the advanced drop-down.)

  10. Click the Publish button

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