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Form Fields

The different field types available to build forms

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You have 23 field types to choose from to help you craft the perfect form. This page will help you learn about each of the field types offered in the forms builder.


Allows a user to enter a single line of text.


Provides ample space for a user to enter multiple lines of text.


Allows a user to select any number of options by clicking checkboxes.

Radio Buttons

Prevents the user from selecting more than one option. This field type is often used for yes or no questions.


Allows a user to select a response from a drop-down menu.


Behaves just like a text field, but also checks the text to make sure it matches the pattern expected of a real email address (ex. a user mistakenly enters '' as their address -- this is missing the '@' and would show an error). In the form settings, you have the option to send an automated response to this email address.


Verifies that the value entered is a valid URL.


Only allows numeric values to be entered (e.g. 394 or 2328.33).


Checks the value entered for a valid phone number, social security number, zip code, etc.


Provides you with an area to add blocks of text, images, or other HTML that will be displayed in your form, but will not be saved with each entry.


Allows a user to select a date from a pop-up calendar.


Allows a user to select a time from a drop-down list.


Provides radio buttons with options 1-10.


the slider field allows users to drag a handle to select a number from a defined range of numbers.


The toggle field allows the user to enable or disable the field by switching between two states, such as on and off or yes and no

Dynamic Field

Provides you with the tools to create dynamic drop-downs, checkboxes, radio buttons, or a list, as well as link multiple forms.


Use to create dropdowns and radio buttons that are dynamically populated with submitted entries.


Use a Repeater field to add a group of fields any number of times. This field allows users to click an 'Add' button to add another group of fields. This field is incredibly useful if you would like users to add details about multiple items in a form.

Section Heading

Section Headings are typically used to add a title to a group of fields. They may also be used to customise your form layout or conditionally hide/show groups of fields.

Page Break

Enables you to make your form multi-paged by adding page breaks.

Credit Card

The credit card field provides all the fields needed for a card payment if you have linked your dashboard to Stripe


Provides all the fields needed for the user to input a mailing address.


Allows the user to write their sign a form with their finger in the app or with their mouse/keyboard on a computer. This field can be modified to only allow for signatures with a finger.

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