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The different types of content: Notices and Events
The different types of content: Notices and Events

There are 2 content types for you to post. Notices, the most comprehensive and customisable, and Events for your calendar items

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For each of the types of content below, both are added and edited in much the same way. They can be accessed via the left menu in the Control Panel, under their respective heading.

For each content type, you can add a new one by clicking on the menu item, then clicking 'New Notice'.

You can view a list of existing content in each type simply by clicking its menu item. From the list, you can search with the search box at the top-right or use the page navigation at the top and bottom right.

- Notices

Notices are where you will publish all of your static information that needs to be communicated. Newsletters, quick messages or reminders are some great uses for notices. You can even use it to create an individual news item to publish in the app.

Adding your notice to a folder allows you to choose which section they will be displayed in your app.

You can find more information on the types of notices you create by visiting the Notices section here in the help desk.

- Events

Events is a special content type that allows you to construct details of an event. We recommend adding a venue, which will display a map of the location to your users. Make sure to add a start and end time, so your users can see the correct details and add the event directly to their calendar on their mobile device, where they can also set up reminders.

You can find more information on creating and editing events by visiting the Events section here in the help desk.

Within each content type

For all content types, there is an excerpt box. It is highly recommended that you enter a short description of up to 100 characters words that describes the full article. This allows the mobile app to better convey information to the user on the home screen. See below.

It is also used as the text for the push notification sent to your app users phones. A shorter and easier to read notification always helps to convey your message more quickly.
Below is the excerpt box that appears in the Notice and Event editor.

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