The Post Expirator widget is located on the right-hand side of your control panel when creating a new notice or event. It allows you to set automatic removal of notices on a certain date so you don’t have to manually delete them.

  1. Before you publish your content find the post expirator widget on the right-hand side of the page

  2. Check the box to activate it

  3. Choose your expiry date and time

  4. Select the expiry method - Draft, Delete or Trash. See below.

  • Choosing Draft will remove the post from your app while remaining on your control panel for you to return and repost, edit or delete manually.

  • Choosing Delete will remove your post from your app as well as deleting the post from your control panel permanently. This is handy for reminders or updates.

  • Choosing Trash will place the post into the trash bin for the type of content your posting and will be removed completely after 30 days.

-All you need to do once you have activated the Post Expirator is to publish your content as normal.

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