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Publish a quick Notice

Basic steps to publishing a notice

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1. Title

Enter the title of your notice. As well as being displayed on the app, the title will appear in the notification when it arrives at the app user's smartphone.

2. Body content

The body section allows you to add formatted text and images to get the information across to app users. 

  • You can add images to the Notice by clicking the Add Media button above the text formatting toolbar and following these instructions Adding Images via Media Library

  • You can add a link to either text or an image by selecting the text or image you want to link and clicking the Insert/Edit Link button (the Chain icon) and adding the URL you wish to link to. To add an email link type mailto: and then the email address you wish to use e.g.

3. Select an App Folder

Select the relevant folder for your Notice or Add a new Folder.
(You can post the notice to more than one folder by checking multiple folders).

4. Publish

Click the Publish button.


Congratulations! You've just sent a new notification to all of your community :-)

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