** This is a Platinum Access feature **


If your profile access is set to public, this will be the default option. The card will be visible to everyone.

Account Required

If your profile access model is default, you can select account required to make a card available to all users who have a registered account. This card will not be shown to everyone.

You will see a badge on the App Accounts menu item indicating there are accounts that require approval.


When you are in a card, go to App Options > Advanced. Click Custom.

A window will popup where you can select App Groups, or App Accounts. It is recommended you create a group if you want to give access to more than 10 people.

Start typing the name of a group or account and select the correct group or account.

Save your card. A notification will be sent only to the select accounts / group, and they will be the only accounts that can access the card.

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