*Categories will display in your app once a Card or Event. Empty categories in School Stream do not display in the app to keep it tidy for your users.*

There are two ways to add App Categories.

A. Adding an App Category from the Card or Event editor

You can create an App Category while writing a Card or Event.

There is an App Categories widget box on the Card editor screen with a list of existing App Categories. You can file your Card or Event in existing App Categories by checking the box next to the category name.

You can also create one by clicking on the + Add New Category link.

B. Adding an App Category directly through the App Categories page

You can also add a category directly from the Cards ยป Categories screen.

  1. Provide a name. These should be clear and easily identifiable by parents when they view the category in the app. This is the only required field.
  2. If you are creating a child category then choose a parent category.
  3. Click on Add New Category button.

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