The Form card type allows you to insert a form you have already built in School Stream. You can find more detailed instructions for forms in the forms section of the help desk.

  1. Add a new card.
  2. Select the card type Form from the dropdown.
  3. Click the forms button just above the editing toolbar. This opens your form library
  4. Select your form from the Select a form drop-down.
  5. If you wish to display the form title and description with the form ensure these 2 checkboxes are ticked.
  6. Click 'Insert Into Card' in the bottom right corner of the form library.
  7. Complete the other general steps to publish your card - App Category, App Options & Publish

You will see a short-code displayed in your card, similar to this [formidable id="1"] this will display your form in the card when published to the app.

You're also free to add other information into this card, such as a blurb on what your form is for. Just make sure the short-code is where you want the form to show.

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