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Removing Media
Removing Media

Delete unwanted files from your media library to free up space

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Written by James Sweeney
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It is good practice to remove old/unused files from your media library on a semi-frequent basis, this will free up space on your admin dashboard and ensure that new content can be created, without interruption.

First, let's take a look at our Dashboard:

Here you can see a bunch of useful information regarding your app.
The part we're currently interested in, is the 'Storage Space' statistic. This tells us our storage space usage.

As you can see, we have used 10% of our 500MB Maximum storage capacity.
Let's free up some of that space, shall we?

We will need to navigate to 'Media' using the menu on the left of our dashboard.

Now, left-click on 'Library', this will take us to our Media Library.

Within our Media Library we can view all of our uploaded media content.
In order to clean out some of the old content, let's left-click on 'Bulk select'.

Now, we just need to select the images we'd like to delete by left-clicking on them, one by one.

Now that we have selected the content we would like to delete, we will left-click on the 'Trash Selected' button.

This will send the content to the Trash, but it's not deleted just yet!
Next, we will need to navigate to the Trash and permanently delete the content.

Let's left-click on the dropdown menu 'All media Items' and change it to 'Trash'

This will filter out all other content, except that which we trashed.
Now, just like we did before, we need to left-click on 'Bulk Select' and select all the content we would like to permanently delete.

Finally, once we have the content selected, we can left-click on 'Delete Selected' to permanently delete the unwanted content.

And that's it! Hopefully, you have reclaimed some of your storage space and can continue to create wonderful content for your community, uninterrupted.

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