Starting the new year with an appropriately new look, is a great way to keep your parents interested and engaged with the app.

Take a look at your app and think about what really needs to be on the front page of your school profile. Any categories that can be nested within another category, without being difficult to locate, will make for a less cluttered and better looking app.

Eg. Have a 'Basketball' & a 'Soccer' category on your school profile? - Make a 'Sport' category and nest them inside.

Category Icons are also very important for the overall presentation of your app.

Ensuring that every category has its own unique icon, and that the icon colours are clean and consistent will make a world of difference.
(Avoid Bright/High contrast colours).

One method we have seen many schools utilise to good effect, is to use their school colours for their icons.

Not quite sure how to edit your categories? No problem!
We have a Help Desk section for that.

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