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Embed Google Calendar

How to create, customise and embed your Google Calendar into the app.

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You can create calendars to keep track of different types of events. For example, you could create a calendar called "Soccer" that tracks upcoming practices and games.

Set up a new calendar

  1. Open your internet browser and open Google Calendar.

  2. To the right of "My calendars," click the drop-down menu > Create new calendar.

   3. Add a name for your calendar and a description if you wish.

    4. Hit 'Create calendar'.
    5. On the left-hand side menu, select your new Calendar.
    6. Check the box 'Make Available to Public' & accept the warning prompt.
    7.  On the left-hand side menu, select 'Integrate calendar'.
    8. Select 'Customise'.

    9. Customise your Calendar as you see fit.
   10. Copy the HTML code in the box at the top of the page.

     11. From your School Stream / Gopha admin dashboard, create a new notice.
    12. Leave the notice type as general and enter the title of your choosing.
    13. Swap from 'Visual' to 'Text' mode within the notice editor.
    14. Paste the calendar HTML code into the body of the notice.
    15. In order for the calendar to display correctly on all device displays, you will
          need to change the width and height to 100%.
          It should look like this: width="100%" height="100%"
    16. On the right-hand side menu, navigate to 'Advanced' and click on it.
    17. Change the display template from 'default' to 'custom'.
    18. Make sure you have chosen a folder to post the notice to & hit 'Publish'.

    19. That's it, you have now created and embedded your new calendar!

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