If your school has a 'Private' access model, you will need to approve each app user before they can access your app content.

If you have an existing database of parent details, you may opt to streamline this process by importing a .csv of these details into your School Stream Dashboard.
Doing so will auto-approve any accounts that connect to your app whose details match that of your existing database.

The How:

First you will need to source a .csv file of your existing parent details.
This may involve manual entry of user details, or a simple .csv export depending on your existing database setup.

The .csv file will need to follow this template to be import-ready for your Dashboard.

You can find a template file below:

You can edit this template in a spreadsheet editor like Google Sheets, or Microsoft Excel. If using the Excel template be sure to export the file as a csv not an xlsx.

There are three (optional) fields to input data into, these are:

Email: The Parents email address.
Phone: The parents phone number.
Group: An account group to assign this parent too. If unsure, leave this blank.

First Name: This is the parents first name

Last Name: This is the parents last name

Notes: General note - can be anything

Once you have your .csv file ready for import, open up your Dashboard and follow these steps:

  1. On the left side menu, select 'App Accounts'.

  2. Now, select 'Import Contacts'.

  3. Select 'Choose file' and find your .csv file.

  4. Hit 'Continue'

    5. Next we will have the option of a default area-code for the 'Phone' entries and an option to delete previous imports. Once you have made your choices select 'Continue'.

That's it! You will receive a confirmation message of a successful import.

Now any parents matching these details will be auto-approved to access your app when they sign up with a School Stream account.

The next step is to send an email invite all the imported contacts to download the app there are detailed instructions here for this process.

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