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Import Contact Details
Import Contact Details

Import contacts via .csv for automatic account approval.

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Importing parent contact details to School Stream simplifies parent onboarding by auto-approving any accounts that connect to your app using an email address or mobile number that matches your imported data.

You can export your current parent data from your existing SIS platform and reformat it to match the School Stream required layout. Alternatively, you can fill in our template file which can be downloaded below.

You can access the Parent Contact Import Template via Google Sheets here or download an Excel file at the bottom of this article.

The import template file is based on the framework of 1 student per line and associated contacts and groups relating to the student are added to the same line. The format of your import file must match exactly the column headers and order supplied in the template file.

You can find a description for each column below.

FirstName - The first name of the enrolled student

LastName - The last name of the enrolled student

Contact1FirstName - First Name of the first contact

Contact1LastName - Last Name of the first contact

Contact1Email - Email address of the first contact

Contact1Phone - Mobile phone number of the first contact

Contact2FirstName - First Name of the second contact

Contact2LastName - Last Name of the second contact

Contact2Email - The email address of the second contact

Contact2Phone - The mobile phone number of the second contact

Group1 - The first group you would like the contacts to be added to

Group2 - an additional group for the contact to be added to

Group3 - an additional group for the contact to be added to

All fields are optional to include data and can be replicated for additional data. This means:

  • You can add staff contacts to the same sheet and leave the Student name fields blank.

  • Families with single contacts can leave the secondary contact fields blank.

  • Each line can have as many group columns as required by replicating the column and using the same numbering format ie Group4 and Group5.

Steps to Import
Once you have your .csv file ready for import, open up your Admin Dashboard and follow these steps:

  1. On the left navigation menu, open the menu labelled 'More'.

  2. Now, select 'Import Contacts'.

  3. Select 'Choose file' and find your .csv file.

  4. Hit 'Continue'

    5. Next we will have the option of a default area code for the 'Phone' entries and an option to delete previous imports. Once you have made your choices select 'Continue'.

That's it! You will receive a confirmation message of a successful import. with an overview of the data imported (depending on the size of your sheet this preview will be long).

Now any parents matching these details will be auto-approved to access your app when they sign up with a School Stream account.

The next step is to send an email inviting all the imported contacts to download the app there are detailed instructions here for this process.

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