Adding video to your app is a fantastic way to keep your parents engaged.
The best way to add this video is to utilise the already existing and exceptional online video platform, YouTube.

As well as offering some of the best video encoding services on the web, YouTube allows you to upload videos that are not listed to the general public, and are instead only viewable by users you share the link with. Perfect for sharing your videos with your school community via School Stream.

Here's how to upload an unlisted video to YouTube:

Note: These steps assume that you have already created an account and signed in with YouTube.

1 ) From the YouTube dashboard, we will need to click on the camera icon at the top         right.

2 ) From here, we will change the dropdown menu from 'Public' to 'Unlisted'

3 ) Drag your video file into YouTube, or click on 'Select files to upload' and select              your video file this way.

4 ) Your video will now begin uploading and processing. During this time you can edit        a few details of your video.

5 ) Be sure to choose a name and description for your video.

6 ) Ensure your video is set to 'Unlisted' and click 'Done'.

7 ) Once the video has completed processing and you have finished editing the                  video details, you will see a field with your video URL. You will need to copy                  this link to embed the video into School Stream.

For steps on embedding a YouTube video into your app, please take a look at this article.

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