To allow your users to make a payment via your schools POP payment portal. You will need to embed your payment URL into the School Stream app.

Before we start, you will need to have your POP payment URL handy, we've got an example of it below you can customise with your school payment ID number

Where you see **** place you 4 digit school ID number

note: the link below is not for clicking

  1. Open the School Stream menu in the top navigation of your Control Panel

  2. Click Advanced

  3. Expand the Embed Anything section - We will be using the 'Redirect' option

  4. Paste the your URL into the field - make sure you have placed your ID number in the URL in place if ****

  5. Copy the text from the grey box

  6. Add a new notice to School Stream

  7. Switch from the Visual editor to the Text editor (located to the right of the text formatting buttons)

  8. Paste the text you copied previously into the text section.

  9. Click the Publish button.

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