Linking your Stripe account to School Stream will allow you to create forms that accept credit/debit card payments using Stripe's payment processing service.
Below we will go over how to link your Stripe account to School Stream (Note: This assumes you have already created your stripe account):

  1. Open your Stripe dashboard and your School Stream dashboard in two separate browser tabs.
  2. From your School Stream Dashboard, click on forms on the left menu and then 'Global Settings'.
  3. Next, select 'Stripe' from the global settings menu.

4. Here you will see four fields - this is where you will paste your Stripe keys.
5. Swap to your Stripe tab in your browser and on the left menu navigate to                         'Developers' > 'API Keys'.

6. Copy the Publishable and secret keys to the live fields in your School Stream tab.
7. Pop back over to your Stripe tab and hit the 'View test data' toggle at the top left.

8. Now copy the publishable and secret keys over to the test fields in the                          School Stream tab.

Note: Pay attention to the 'Test Mode' checkbox in School Stream. When this is enabled no real payments can be processed with Stripe in the app, only test transactions may take place - this is ideal for testing your form payments but must be disabled before any real payments can take place.

That's it!

You've successfully linked your Stripe account to School Stream. Now you just need to create a payment form. For help with using Stripe in forms, contact us via phone, email or live-chat and we will walk you through the steps!

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