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Messenger Settings
Messenger Settings

An overview of the settings available to configure Messenger

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*Not Included in LITE

There are a variety of settings available for Messenger to configure the feature to your organisation's particular needs.

Note, these settings can only be changed by members of the School Stream Support Team, so feel free to reach out anytime for assistance in modifying the settings for your app.

Messenger Permissions: This setting allows you to enable the messenger feature for User Roles other than the Administrator.

Administrator View: This setting allows you to define what Administrators can view.

Everything - all messages can be viewed by all administrators at any time.

All except private - all messages that are not labelled as private by the message creator can be viewed by all administrators at any time.

Their own and unassigned - messages that were created and assigned to the administrator can be viewed in addition to any unassigned messages.

Force Private Messaging: This setting automatically marks all outbound messages as Private. This means that only the conversation starter can view the message threads.

If the above Administrator view is set to 'Everything' then top-level Administrators can maintain oversight of all conversations.

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