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How to Bulk Archive or Trash Notices
How to Bulk Archive or Trash Notices

This article explores how to keep your School Stream app Notices current and up to date for your parent community by removing old Notices.

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Step 1. In the left-hand navigation panel go to your list of All notices

Step 2. Sort your list of Notices from Oldest to Newest by clicking on the Date column.

Step 3. Select ALL Notices by checking the check box next to title, it's more likely that you will want to remove them than retain old notices, this will select all your notices on the page.

Step 4. Deselect Notices you wish to keep published in the app, do NOT remove contact information or forms that are ongoing like your Absentee or change of details form. Also DON'T delete your App branding (usually called Hero-Image)

5. Once you've deselected all the Notices you wish to keep published in the app go to the Bulk actions dropdown you can either select Edit to move to archive or Move to trash. Once you've made your selection click the apply button.

6. If you're bulk archiving so you can retain old Notices, once you've clicked the apply button you will jump to a screen containing other drop-down options, change the Status drop-down to Archived and click the Update button.

Pro tip: You can avoid having to do a bulk archive by setting expiry on Notices when posting a notice. To find instructions on how to expire Notices automatically CLICK HERE

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